GTA 5 PS5 vs GTA 5 PS4

    GTA 5 PS5 vs GTA 5 PS4 Differences

    Grand Theft Auto V has been released on PlayStation 5, giving players upgraded graphics and performance over the PlayStation 4 version. For those considering if the PS5 upgrade is worthwhile, here is a comparison of GTA 5 across both consoles focusing on visuals, performance, gameplay additions and overall improvements.

    Visual Enhancements on PS5

    Rockstar claims GTA 5 has received a range of visual upgrades for the PS5 release. This includes higher resolution textures across environments, weapons, vehicles and character models. Draw distances have been greatly improved allowing you to see details much further into the distance.

    This adds more life and depth to the world around you. Reflections have more clarity and shadows are enhanced with higher resolution. Materials on surfaces and particles in the air now look more detailed. PlayStation 5’s ray tracing capabilities also allow for real-time reflections on vehicles and buildings for more realistic lighting effects.

    The result is Los Santos and Blaine County have never looked better, appearing closer to a high-end PC version maxed out. Side by side comparisons show the PS4 edition looking dated up against the PS5 release. It delivers Night City from Cyberpunk 2077 competition in terms of open world visual polish this console generation.

    Smoother Frame Rates with New Graphics Modes

    On PlayStation 4, GTA 5 targeted 30fps for gameplay. On PS5, you can now choose between a Fidelity graphics mode running at native 4K resolution at 30fps or a Performance mode with upscaled 4K at a targeted 60fps.

    Both modes provide tangibly smoother gameplay than PS4, especially the 60fps Performance mode. Driving through Los Santos at high speeds feels more fluid and makes aiming weapons during chaotic firefights more steady and accurate.

    While not completely locked at 60fps, the Performance mode still offers a great blend of visual quality and responsive gameplay. If you prefer resolution, the Fidelity visual showcase is stunning, though more suited for appreciating the environment details rather than fast driving and shooting.

    Faster Load Times

    GTA 5 could suffer from long load times spanning 30 seconds to over a minute on PS4 hardware. Loading into Story mode, GTA Online or retrying a failed mission meant tedious waiting around. On PS5 specialized SSD storage dramatically speeds this up in many instances.

    Most load sequences now take 10 to 15 seconds, saving you significant time. This keeps the pacing smooth when retrying an activity and makes jumping into online quicker. PlayStation 5’s ‘Activities’ feature allows starting specific modes and missions directly from the dashboard as well.

    Gameplay Additions and Improvements

    GTA 5 on PS5 also incorporates features added over the years in GTA Online, integrating them back into Story mode. This includes newer weapons and customizable vehicles bringing single player more in line with GTA Online as it exists today.

    The PS5 DualSense controller adds immersive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support too. You’ll feel unique sensations tied to vehicles for road surfaces, collisions, gear changes and even helicopter turbulence. Adaptive trigger tension changes based on the weapon you’re firing. These created tangible physical feedback unique to PS5 heightening immersion.

    Welcome Quality of Life Upgrades

    Some smaller yet still impactful improvements have also been added. The weapon wheel now allows selecting weapons while driving, keeping the action smooth. There’s greater customization for aim assists and targeting controls too catering to player preferences.

    You can skip long drives getting right to the action after finishing key missions. An auto-save Indicator shows how recently progress was saved reducing frustration.

    Is GTA 5 Enhanced Edition Worth it on PS5?

    If you’ve never played GTA 5, getting into this open world action game on PlayStation 5 is the definitive way to experience it in 2023. Both GTA 5 and the perpetual online world of GTA Online have been finely tuned over the past decade into an unrivaled package bursting with content.

    For returning players, the visual and performance upgrades make this iconic city and gameplay feel new again. Dynamic 4K resolution, realistic ray-traced effects, 4K texture overhauls and smooth 60fps gameplay transform Los Santos into an eye-watering spectacle.

    Even overlooking graphical improvements, quality of life additions plus drastically reduced load times create a superior gameplay experience all around. GTA 5 truly feels ‘new gen’ again on PS5. While not a full blown remake built natively for new hardware, Rockstar has delivered the most dramatically enhanced version since the original PS3 and Xbox 360 launch.

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